Tobacco Business

Tobacco Business

How to become a TAMA Member

In the first place, TAMA Farmers Trust membership is voluntary and is renewed annually. A tobacco grower whether small scale or corporate, registers with the Tobacco  Commission (TC) for a following year’s production.

The TC registration form asks the grower to indicate an association to which he belongs by way of filling the space. It is at that point when one writes TAMA as his or her Association that they become a member. Through the TC data TAMA is able to trace its membership, which stands to benefit from all its services ranging from advocacy to tobacco sales representation in the floors.

Tobacco production is not easy but they are other unscrupulous individuals and groups of people who just want to reap heavily ignoring the producer. This is the time TAMA comes in to aid so that the producer earns what he or she deserves through a win-win protocol.

Now that the 2017-2018 TC registration has been opened, be encouraged to register so that you grow and sale your crop next season without legal hitches while remembering to endorse TAMA as your Association.

Core & Enabling Values

Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) in Tobacco Production

Buyer Grower Relationship strenghtening through GAP. TAMA’s Head of Business and Development, Felix Thole(right) handing over certtified seeds by ARET to a merchant representative for further distribution to TAMA’s grower members.

Child Labour Free Tobacco Industry

TAMA through partnerships with other stakeholders namely ILO/IPEC, Ministry of Labour,AECL etc,ensures that tobacco farming and processing is strictly an adult responsibility

Creating an Enabling Value Addition through Partnerships

  • Premium Tobacco Malawi Limited and Kanengo Tobacco Processors Ltd  are some of the established companies that TAMA Farmers Trust assisted to establish from off-shore investors as a way of adding value to its members’ tobacco.
  • The Trust is in partnership with Sino Borcar Investment Holdings (Mw) Limited to mechanise the agriculture sector. With Borcar agri machine farmers will not need more hard work.

Want to find out more about TAMA Farmers Trust?

Contact the Communications Officer on or phone +265 1 773099. You can also download our corporate profile.

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