About TAMA Farmers Trust

2019 - Ninety Years Of Serving Farmers

The Tobacco Association of Malawi (TAMA) now TAMA Farmers Trust, was founded in 1929 in the name Nyasaland Tobacco Association. TAMA became a registered trust in 1983 and changed its name from the latter to the former.

It was in the same year that the Association became one of the founder members of the International Flue-Cured Grower’s Association, currently known as the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA) which was established to provide a much needed forum for all tobacco growing countries in the world.

TAMA Farmers Trust is now a two fold entity, harbouring a non profit branch as well as a  business arm. The non profit branch derives and is funded by its members by way of levy currently at 0.007 cents/kg of their tobacco sold while the business arm is self sustained by its diversified activities.

TAMA Farmers Trust Headquarters are in TAMA House, at the City Centre, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Governance of TAMA Farmers Trust


– Chief Executive 
– Management and Staff
– Regional Offices
– Seasonal Staff


Executive Committee

– President
– Fist Vice President
– Second Vice President
– Finance Chairman and his Deputy
– Executive Members


– 21 Councilors
– Committees of Council

Growers Members (Tobacco and Non-Tobacco)

– Estates
– Clubs
– Cooperatives
– Corporate Growers

Governance Structure

Subsidiary & Shareholding

TAMA RE-HANDLING COMPANY is a subsidiary of TAMA Farmers Trust. We have offices in

  •  Mchezi, near Kanengo Industrial Site in Lilongwe
  •  Chinkhoma, TAMA Campus
  •  Mzuzu, Luwinga
  •  Limbe

TAMA has shares in the following organisations:

AHL Group plc

Nixon Lita

Chief Executive Officer

B.Sc. (Agriculture)

Tel: 0999246116
Email: nlita@tamalawi.com

Since 1 July 2020.
Previously Operations Head of Dept since Sept 2009.

Senior Management

Samuel Gift Kasambala

Head of Operations

Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship and Development Studies

Tel: 0999304701
Email: skasambala@tamalawi.com

Energetic and courageous with positive mindset to deal with big responsibilities and challenges. Holds excellent skills and competencies to revamp TAMA services through provision of timely and efficient services through Satellite Depots and Hessian Operations, Tobacco bales haulage, Grower and stakeholder relations. He is also responsible for TAMA’s subsidiary – Tama Grading & Re-handling Company.

Jacqueline Chakwana

Finance Manager

Cell: 0999 311 905

Email: jchakwana@tamalawi.com

Date of Birth: 27th May, 1981


A holder of Bachelor’s degree in Applied Accounting, Auditing and Information Systems, currently studying Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), a member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Malawi (ICAM) and Malawi Accountancy Board (MAB). Holds exceptional accounting skills, leadership potential and commitment to professional development. Experienced with over 10 years of management accounting, external audit and taxation.

Want to find out more about TAMA Farmers Trust?

Contact the Communications Officer on tama@tamalawi.com or phone +265 1 773099. You can also download our corporate profile.

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