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Working Together with Farmers

TAMA Farmers Trust works together with smallholder farmers, medium to large farmers and the corporate farmers for the sustainability of the Malawi economy. We provide services that enable a vibrant and sustainable value chain.

Who We Are

We at The TAMA Farmers Trust believe that the success of the nation lies in the concerted efforts of all the stakeholders in the economy. Specifically, the farmer plays a vital role to ensure that he/she produces his/her agro-products for sale and food security.

This takes the farmer on a path of defined value chain from the point of production to the point of sale (market). This is why TAMA Farmers Trust provides appropriate services to its members to ensure an efficient value chain in order to sustain their business for continuity to keep the trend going.

TAMA Farmers Trust is also a founding member of the International Tobacco Growers Association (ITGA), a grouping of rational tobacco associations based in Lisbon Portugal that defends tobacco growers’ interests at the global level and is also a member of the COMESA Business Council (CBC).

Our Mission

To provide visible and compelling services to the grower members and perpetuate sustainable balance in the generation of wealth in a manner that ascertains wider income diversification and value.

Our Vision

To be the most effective and successful Association in the representation of grower member interests in as far as the promotion of tobacco production and marketing is concerned.


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Our Work

We work with farmers, large and small, across Malawi

Frequently Asked Questions

In the first place, TAMA Farmers Trust membership is voluntary and is renewed annually for tobacco growers. A tobacco grower whether small scale, medium or corporate, registers with the Tobacco Commission (TC) for a following year’s production. His/her license of production clearly shows that they are a TAMA member as an association, grading services and hessian scheme.

The TC registration form asks the grower to indicate an association to which he/she belongs to by way of filling the space. It is at that point when one writes TAMA as his or her Association that they become a member. Through the TC data, TAMA is able to trace its membership, which stands to benefit from all its services ranging from advocacy to tobacco sales representation in the floors.

Membership is for the club registered with all its members and estate registered through ownership or proxy (i.e. Managers).

Members are encouraged to produce other commodities than tobacco with prior arrangements with potential buyers. TAMA Farmers Trust is key in making sure that such products hit profitable markets within and outside Malawi.

  • Production and marketing of tobacco and non-tobacco commodities
  • Satellite Depot Operations
  • Hessian Operations
  • Transportation Brokerage
  • International (ITGA) and Local Representation
  • Advocacy ( Local & International )
  • Supporting of Cooperative Businesses
  • Agro-dealership services
  • Child Labour Prevention & Protection
  • Marketing of member products within and outside Malawi

Tobacco production is not easy but they are other unscrupulous individuals and groups of people who just want to reap heavily ignoring the producer. This is the time TAMA comes in to aid so that the producer earns what he or she deserves through a win-win protocol.

Yes, all growers are encouraged to register with TCC  and endorse TAMA as their Association. Members of the association benefit from the association’s services on both local and international fronts.

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