Senior Chief Kabudula Takes Covid19 Head-on

Senior Chief Kabudula of Lilongwe has vowed to take Covid19 fight seriously in her Area.
She was speaking at her headquaters when Tama FarmersTrust presented to her a program to fiht child albour and Covid19 simultaniously in her Area.
“I am happy that of all the 20 TAs in Lilongwe the intervention is in my Area. This should also be that my people are dedicated once projects come. I know that the Group Village Heads will work hard toshow that we have welcomed the intervention on Covid19 that TAMA with funding from the ECLT is implementing in the Area. We are Chiefs because of people and therefore we need to protect them from the pandemic. We will not leave it to the 3 Group Village Headmen only, we will move around the whole Area to sensitise the people. Let us take it seriously. Covid19 is real and it does not segregate based on faith. It attacks all manner of people,” She said.
The Trust is implementing the 3-month program in Lilongwe, Dowa, kasungu and Mzimba South with financial support from the Eliminating Child Labour in Tobacco growing (ECLT) Foundation.

Senior Chief Kabudula.
Senior Chief Kabudula Takes Covid19 Head-on
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