By Sam Kalimba                                                                                  

LILONGWE JUNE 1, 2020: In a rare style, Management and members of staff of a law firm, Wilkinson & Associates organised a farewell party for Mr. Felix Thole, the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer who is due for retirement on June 30 at the magnificent Umodzi Park, Bingu International Convention Centre on 29th May 2020.

Emmanuel Chapo is the Managing Partner of Wilkinson & Associates who said that in cognizant to their moto, ‘beyond law’ they thought of throwing a farewell party for the outgoing CEO in whose time the firm has been in a working relationship with Tama Farmers Trust.

“We have worked with many CEOs but we found one humble CEO in Felix Thole that we found ourselves with no choice but to go beyond law and honour him with such a gesture,” said Chapo to selected few participants.

Mr. Thole thanked the law firm for the party made in his honour while confessing that he never witnessed or heard of such an arrangement in his entire working period that a service provider would do to an outgoing employee. He also thanked his wife (in absentia) for her support throughout his employment life.

It was also a great opportunity for the Wilkinson & Associates to interact with the in coming CEO, Mr. Nixon Lita, whom Mr. Felix Thole described as very able to proceed from where the latter will have stopped.

Nixon Lita who is the current Director of Operations and Technical Services thanked both the party hosts and the out going CEO for the gesture and time well spent with the Trust respectively.

“One might be wondering as to how we have decided and managed to hold this function here at the 5-star Presidents Hotel today? – It’s not a secret, it’s all thanks to Wilkinson & Associates, and we don’t take this for granted,” said Lita.

He added, “It gives me a great satisfaction to congratulate our outgoing CEO – Felix Thole – as he concludes his 34 years of service to TAMA. I’m sure we all recognize, respect and appreciate the valuable contributions he has made to the organization. He joined as a tobacco classifier, when the system was just being established, and over the years moved up the steps up to 2018 when he reached the ceiling within the secretariat after being appointed as CEO. The skills and knowledge shared to most of us through example have shaped our careers. Over the years he has seen the tobacco industry & TAMA itself transform. From the days of only one Grower Association and all auction selling to this multiplicity we have today. From TAMA concentrating on tobacco interests only to TAMA Farmers Trust, covering all value chains in agricultural production that our members are involved in”.

In her remarks speaking on behalf of all employees at Tama Farmers Trust the Human Resources Officer, Mrs. Margaret Chigwenembe thanked members of staff who accepted to represent others at the function in order   to celebrate Mr. Thole’s service to TAMA. She urged them all to take a good example from him. She further requested the incoming CEO to maintain the team spirit that has been there over time.

“To the incoming CEO, I, on behalf of my colleagues, request that you trust us, challenge us, let us bring out the best of our capabilities and let us possess the TAMA land,” she said.

After speeches, Wilkinson& Associates presented a gift to Mr. Thole and the participants enjoyed food stuffs and assorted drinks.

Wilkinson & Associates sends off CEO in style
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